Minket Lepcha, Storyteller, Film Maker & Researcher

Minket Lepcha is an Indigenous Lepcha woman from a Himalayan region of Darjeeling, India. She has been engaged in documenting and storytelling based on folklore of Darjeeling and Sikkim for the last decade. Minket was awarded the Young Green Filmmaker award in 2016 at the Woodpecker International Film Festival for her film, Voices of Teesta. Having always been inspired by Lepcha folklore and believing that the ecological wisdom is hidden in these stories, she conducts workshops based on the Lepcha folklore in the Global South. Also, Minket and her team curated an online exhibition, where 30 young girls from Northeast India collected their river folklore with the Living Water Museum. This exhibition was titled ‘Visualising Water Heritage of Northeast India through Storytelling.’

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Currently, Minket is a first year PhD student in the Environment and Geography faculty at the University of Manitoba and is mentored by Dr. Steph McLachlan. Minket also works as a researcher at the ECL. Her research focuses on water issues, such as hydro impacted communities, Indigenous ontologies, and gender.