Welcome to the Environmental Conservation Lab (ECL) online.  You can use this site to learn more about the ECL, the people who work here, the publications we have produced, and the community partners we work with.


Our research incorporates both quantitative and qualitative approaches to management and conservation-related problems that affect resource-dependent, and downstream communities around the world. We examine impacts of environmental degradation on these communities, and their responses to these changes. By using human-related quantitative research and qualitative research like interviews, spatially-referenced community-based mapping, video documentation, we are able to provide accurate and precise knowledge, which is both tangible and solution oriented.

Our research approach is complimented and contextualized by conventional biological research. Combining these social and biological approaches increases the quality of the research outcomes, and promotes the importance of the rich, multi-generational insights of rural and indigenous residents. Moreover, it holds the biological research accountable to the communities and stakeholders that inform the research, ultimately increasing the relevance of our work.